Tatine LTD Edition Peace Rose 8 oz. Candle

Tatine LTD Edition Peace Rose 8 oz. Candle

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Verdant dark rose grenache and citrus bloom exhale a trail of evergreen and black pine. Peaceful wild rose, lit from within by romantic golden amber.


This serene rose-tinted glass with violet reflections is achieved by a heating and cooling process known as 'striking colors.' During the first stages of striking the glass, the maker works hard to control the pinkish-red tones. Temperature control is essential as the color can quickly go off to another tone, such as a yellow-orange or amber. Hence, the glass is cooled and reheated several times during the process to achieve the rose tint.

Every vessel is mouth-blown one by one by skilled artisans, and pulls different depths of rose-violet tones, making each glass unique. The level of work involved to achieve our wild rose color means a higher price, but the exquisite, hopeful, and dreamy colors pair well with our verdant rose grenache fragrance.

8 oz. soy wax candle in artisan mouth-blown glass.
up to 50 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere when burned properly.
Tested to be drink-safe and beautifully repurposed. Gently hand wash glass for use at your next celebration and let it live uniquely on.
The candle is held within a small vintage parcel made from 100% post-consumer soft cotton paper. Each parcel is unique from the next and slight flaws in recycled paper is considered part of the charm.

The 2020 relaunch of Peace Rose donates 10% of sales to The Rain Forest Alliance
In 2017, Tatine donated 10% of sales to War Child
In 2018, Tatine donated 10% of sales to Women For Women International