Plywood Tea Set

Plywood Tea Set

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Midmini handcrafted plywood Tea Set has everything little ones need to host the perfect tea party.

Midmini Plywood Tea Set is made of 22 small birch plywood rings joined together in loving matrimony and then sent off to smooth off their edges by a hand lathe.

Fancy a piece of this awesomeness? Since Plywood Tea Set by Midmini is truly a byproduct of our effort to reduce leftovers, it genuinely is very limited.
7 piece set FSC certified birch plywood Non-toxic hard-wax oil protection (available in white colour, more colours coming soon) Made in Latvia

Tea pot H: 15cm, W11cm: D13.5cm: Weight: 380gr Tea cup H: 6.5cm, W5cm: D6.5cm: Weight: 50gr Tea plate Diameter: 10cm: Weight: 50gr Cookie jar: H: 7.5cm, W9.5cm: D9.5cm: Weight: 230gr Serving board: W: 40cm D15cm, Thickness 340cm
Set total weight with packaging: 2kg

NOT to be used with water or any liquid which is standard for any wooden toy. This is a pretend play toy only. However, the product has a hard-wax protection.
Made in Latvia