Murchison-Hume English Red Currant Fragrance Oil

Murchison-Hume English Red Currant Fragrance Oil

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WHAT IT IS: Our signature Murchison-Hume scents in custom oil blends to make your home, laundry, and car smell better.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because Murchison-Hume's best-selling scents are sophisticated home fragrances, and now you can bring them with you everywhere! These essential oil blends are perfect for using with their Car Diffuser, and creating a subtly scented space wherever you are. You can use each fragrance on its own or layer them to create your own signature scent.

Ultra Sonic Diffuser: A few drops will infuse your space with a delicious scent.

NEW Car Diffuser: Add 5-10 drops to the felt pad, insert the felt pad into the diffuser locket, and clip the locket into your air vent.

Laundry: Add 5-10 drops to wool dryer balls and chuck them into the dryer once your laundry is almost dry. Run for about 15 minutes on a low heat/no heat setting to gently or deeply infuse your laundry with a delicious scent.

GOOD TO KNOW: These scents will work with any fragrance diffuser you have at the house, too. We also clip our Car Diffuser onto A/C vents to waft the scent throughout our house!


English Red Currant (fo*): Sweet and tart. Delicious ripe berries with bright citrus notes, a deep floral rose, and an earthy, oakmoss finish. Cozy and inviting.

*fo = Fragrant Oil (Perfume)

PACKAGING: 10ML/.34 fl oz in amber glass bottles with tamper-evident caps.