Baby Silicone Teethy Utensil Set Pink Lemonade

Baby Silicone Teethy Utensil Set Pink Lemonade

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Teethy Utensil’s are perfect for when your baby is ready for solids! Our flexible spoon allows baby to easily pick up their food. The handle also double as a teether! The handle is perfect for you babies little fingers. When designing our spoons we knew we needed to make sure tiny hands could grasp onto it. Even if your baby isn't ready to self feed introducing them to Teethy Tensile's gets them interested and ready to learn.

Material: Our Teethy Utensil is made with 100% food grade silicone.

Safety: When using Teethy Utensil an adult should always be present. Never leave your child unattended.

Care Instructions: Our Utensils are dishwasher safe. Top rack or in utensil tray.