Baby Silicone Suction Bowl Cloud

Baby Silicone Suction Bowl Cloud

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Improved suction bottom can stick to highchairs, counters, and even come along with you when you take a stroll with baby by sticking them to the stroller tray and making them a snack cup. Our lid is perfect for when you have leftovers and you can easily pop them in the microwave! Not only are they microwave safe but they are dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Our Suction Bowls also feature a quick release tab making sure when you take the bowl off the surface you can easily remove it without any mess. As a mom I know how important time is so we have made sure this is your all in one bowl.

REFORM THAT SUCTION CUP: take your fingers and put in-between the suction and the bowl and spin your fingers around. Sometimes the suction cup goes flat because it has been sitting in a box.
Place bowl on a surface and press down on the bowl.

Cleaning Instructions
The D|G Bowls are super easy to clean! You can wash them with soap and water or you can pop them in the dishwasher(top rack only)!

If you try to stick the bowls to an unfinished surface the bowls will NOT stick.
-Also if the bottom of the suction is dirty please wipe off so the suction is at it’s full potential